Dr. David Kannar

Founder and Chairman
Nutrition Innovation Group


Dr. David Kannar is Founder and Chairman of Nutrition Innovation Group who recently launched a range of less refined raw sugars and sugar products. The company has been recognized as one of the World’s best start-ups in 2018, best technologies for significant added sugar reduction in 2019 and most recently receiving the Singaporean Government Slingshot, Danone Nutrition Research and Yield Lab awards for best 2019 food technology innovation.

David has worked as Associate Professor at Monash University, Faculty of Medicine, Practice Professor in the Food and Agriculture Initiative and clinical R&D at the Peninsula Heart Centre, Victoria, Australia. Since graduating David has worked in the food and pharmaceutical industries in Asia, Australia, France, North and South America which included cocoa research and awarded new chocolate product developments. He is one of Australia’s largest individual patent holders and leading innovators recognized by Australian Government and CSIRO Innovation Awards. He however cites his most important achievement as having 4 wonderful children and 5 gorgeous grandchildren with his wife Sally.