About the Conference

The CAA International Cocoa Conference and Dinner which was initially planned to take place this year from 4 – 5 November in Singapore has been rescheduled to the 2nd half of 2022. This is due to the global health emergency following the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and travel still being restricted by many governments for the foreseeable few months. The new date and venue for the CAA International Cocoa Conference and Dinner 2022 will be announced soon.

Over 500 attendees, from 22 countries gathered in Singapore for the 2017 conference bringing together the major players from across the value chain, including government agencies, chocolate manufacturers, trading companies, cocoa processors, and service providers.

About the Program

Covering topics that address the interest and benefit of the Industry player in the world of Cocoa in Asia. The main plenary and breakout sessions will consist of the latest developments, trends, and best practices, delivered by renowned International, National, and local speakers.

Conference Theme

Macroeconomic Outlook for Asia and the World

Asia continues to be projected as the fastest growing region in an increasingly volatile global macro-environment.  In this session, we’ll debate what the near and longer-term economic outlooks hold for us in the cocoa and chocolate space.  Will China continue to tease with its demographic potential for growth in consumption or will India usurp its great rival? Where else in the region should the industry look to place its bets.

Cocoa Fundamentals Outlook for Asia: Supply and Demand

Another year, another hotly debated cocoa supply & demand outlook.  A must-attend panel discussion for procurement and risk management professionals looking for clarity on the next big move in cocoa markets. How will the backdrop of a new pricing mechanism from Cote d’Ivoire & Ghana and a critical election year in West Africa impact the growth of Asian cocoa? How will this growth look over the next five years and what shifts must be made in Asian supply?

Marketing and Innovation Trends for Asian Cocoa and Chocolate

Asian consumption patterns are both driving and responding to current cocoa industry trends like innovative flavours, clean label, sugar reduction, and sustainability. To keep the momentum, where should we focus next and who will be best suited to meet these demands? This forward-looking conversation will use today’s data and trends to predict the future of crazy rich Asian cocoa.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility in Asian Cocoa

Sustainability is an increasingly hot topic in cocoa, both for risk mitigation and for driving brand value. During this segment, we’ll explore what consumers care the most about in various regional markets and the local impact of global “hot topics” like child labour and deforestation. We’ll also focus on the state of livelihoods for Asian cocoa farmers – what’s improved, what hasn’t changed at all, and how we can ensure the riches pass down to those who need it most.